Hestan Cue 11” Smart Pan + Induction Cooktop

    Easier than ever to cook anything perfectly, the first time. Perfect for searing, sautéing, pan-frying and more.

    • 11-inch tri-ply stainless steel smart pan with embedded temperature sensors and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Powerful, precise-control 1600w induction cooktop
    • Companion app with hundreds of chef-tested recipes

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    1-Year Warranty

    “Hestan Cue helps me deliver perfect meal time after time, even without culinary experience. It's amazing product!”
    — Phillip L

    Your Go to Tool In The Kitchen

    Hestan Cue users cook on average more than 4 meals per week on the Cue. All while using less than half the energy of gas cooking.


    Hestan Cue 11" Pan

    Hestan Cue Induction Cooktop

    Hestan Cue App

    Cooking Modalities

    The ideal size for cooking a wide variety of proteins and other essential ingredients, with our 11" pan achieve these cooking functions...

    Connected and Controlled by Our App

    Use the Cue app to connect your cooktop and cookware to provide precise temperature control and recipe guidance.

    High Quality Connected Cookware

    Grow your collection with our additional smart cookware compatible with your induction cooktop.