Superior Precision on Your Cooktop

    We provide the latest in temperature sensing cookware and leading connectivity solutions that allow end consumers to create the best possible food, guaranteed.

    Cookware and Accessories

    • Manufacture Hestan Cue cookware at scale
    • Smart BLE module protocol API
    • Co-branded or white label cookware and protocol


    • Internationalized for iOS and Android phones and tablets
    • Deeper integration and custom solutions available upon request (i.e. Branded content, API/Deep Linking)

    Cloud Solutions

    • Thickness & Doneness Service for proteins
    • Custom induction platform transformation service
    • Recipe editor for guided step-by-step cooking

    Recipes and Content

    • Guaranteed culinary outcomes and fully guided cooking experience for users
    • Large library of video and temperature guided step-by-step recipes
    • Custom recipe development and media production

    Heat Sources and Temperature Control

    • Certified solutions for US and Europe market
    • HSC solution adaptable to customer platform

    Connected and Controlled by Our App

    Use our apps to connect to your cooktop and top-of-the-line connected cookware to provide precise temperature control and recipe guidance.

    World-Class Chefs and Culinary Scientists Perfect our Recipes

    With over 50 years of culinary experience, our recipes combine culinary craftsmanship with modern science to deliver the most delicious and consistent results possible.

    We have meticulously tested every one of our over 500 recipes that span a variety of cuisines, dietary restrictions, ingredients, cooking techniques, and more to provide our users with the most valuable content available.

    High Quality Connected Cookware

    The Hestan Cue cookware portfolio is constantly evolving and innovating as we deliver new functionality to the end consumer. All cookware is built in partnership with Meyer Corporation, one of the largest cookware manufacturers in the world.

    Not All Temperature Control Solutions are Equal

    Only Hestan Cue can deliver the highest accuracy with guaranteed results on any cooktop.


    Hestan Cue



    Hestan Cue's ability to measure temperature just beneath the cooking surface enables a level of precision that is unmatched in stove top cooking. Thermocouple placement combined with a set footprint and vessel size allows users to achieve accuracy of +/-3˚C to cook through guided recipes and achieve consistently amazing results.


    Pop Up Sensor



    As the degree of separation between the heat source and cooking surface increases, so does the inaccuracy. Pop-up sensors read the temperature of the bottom of a vessel vs. the actual cooking surface. Temperature offsets can help mitigate inaccuracies, but cannot account for variances in vessel material and size.


    Under Glass Sensor



    With at least three degrees of separation from the cooking surface, this approach offers very little in terms of accuracy. The under glass sensor reads the temperature just below the cooktop surface. With a high level of inaccuracy and vessel variability, under glass sensors make it very difficult to ensure specific culinary outcomes.


    We have partnered with companies to do big things. Our tailored connected cooking experiences are enjoyed all over the world.