How does the Cue always know the exact moment to flip, baste or sear?

    The Cue has unique sensors built into the burner and the pan, which speak to your smart device. That speaks to you.

    And… Now!
    Perfectly cooked meals, everytime.

    All with the magic of Bluetooth® technology.

    Your Go to Tool In The Kitchen

    Hestan Cue users cook on average more than 4 meals per week on the Cue. All while using less than half the energy of gas cooking.

    It’s temperature control that makes the Cue so clever.

    Gas, Electric, even regular induction. They all struggle to maintain consistent temperature. This is what makes the Cue so unique.

    Our pans continuously communicate with the Hestan Cue App and induction burner, ensuring consistent, to the degree temperature and perfect results everytime.

    This means no more burnt onions, destroyed pans or over cooked meals, ever again.

    The Cue App will take you through each step.

    Simply tell the Cue what you want to eat and the Cue App will tell you the rest.

    Watch and learn, then eat.

    Our video guides take you through every step of every recipe. From perfect pancakes to the best seafood stew you’ve ever tasted. Choose from hundreds of recipes.

    Take a Guided Tour With a Professional Chef

    We all know seeing is believing. Experience the full capabilities of the Hestan Cue with one of our professional chefs. They will guide you through all the Hestan Cue features so you can see first hand the power of the Hestan Cue Cooking system before purchase.